Mind Your Tangles

with Lori Champine, CZT

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Somerville Library Patrons Love Zentangle!

What a treat it was for me to teach an introductory Zentangle class at my local library this Spring. Putting together two things I love - libraries and tangling - made for a perfect match, and a very fun day! We had a nice group of 16 folks from the local community come out to spend some creative time together on a Sunday afternoon. Zentangle was new for most, but a few students sought out the class because of previous experience. As always, no matter the level of abilities, Zentangle can be shared with, and enjoyed by almost anyone who can hold a pen. Each student created their own beautiful tile that afternoon. And, although everyone heard the same instructions, each tile was unique, and that's one of my favorite aspects of this art form. It's open to everyone, and it allows for each person to make their work their own. It's not like a coloring book where you fill in the space that someone else made. Your Zentangle tile is your own. You make the lines, you set the tone, you create the piece.


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