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Zen Again 2016 - Newport R.I.

I just spent five fabulous days in Newport with  Rick, Maria, the Zentangle Team, and many talented CZT's from around the world, for the Zen Again 2016 Retreat! The atmosphere was serene, but also electric. The timing was particularly important to me, as we had just wrapped up the presidential election, and I was in need of some real Zen time. It was also the time of the Super Moon, which added another layer of Zen to the experience. 

Our days were filled with workshops given by Rick, Maria & Molly from Zentangle Headquarters, and we also had a great class with Margaret Bremner, CZT #3.  We learned four new tangles: Noom, Way Bop, Drawings & Icanthis. I love when Rick and Maria teach the tangles together. They have a similar, but different approach, so if I don't follow one, I have the other to reinforce my learning.  That always works so well for me.  Molly inspired us with another Meditation Workshop, and Rick shared a great mini workshop on using the document camera. Not a Zen workshop, but a very useful lesson for many of us who like to use the document camera when teaching our own Zentangle workshops.  

Below are a few tiles I made during the retreat. The 2nd one (L to R) was made in Molly's meditation class, which is one of my favorite experiences. She has such a wonderful way of guiding the group through the process. We all basically used the same three tangles (cadent, poke leaf and flux), but as always, each tile was totally unique. The 3rd tile features a border made from the new tangle: Noom. The last tile is a freehand-style mandala taught by Margaret Bremner. I really like her work and often check her blog, Enthusiastic Artist.


I was fortunate to have my good friend - Patti Euler (CZT #3 & #16), of The Queen's Ink, Maryland, with me for this truly special event. I enjoyed catching up with her and other CZT friends, as well as making many new friends, too.  The Zentangle community is generally a very friendly and giving crowd.  When we weren't busy learning and tangling, we were sharing food and drink at the evening social gatherings.

I also LOVED  having a Zentangle store set up on site for shopping.  There were a few new items announced at the event, such as the 3Z tiles in all 3 colors, and they were available for purchase.  YES, of course, I bought them! These triangle shapes are made from the same 100% cotton paper and they are so fun to tangle on.  My favorite new Zentangle "accessory" is the tile printed scarf. - Super soft and very stylish! You can always visit to order products you like, as most are not sold in stores.

I think Noom was my favorite of the new tangles. It's similar to the tangles Chainging and Punzel, which I really like, but always seem to struggle with - so Noom gives me the same satisfaction without the struggle. You can aura it and/or add fragments to the open spaces for many different looks.  I'm going to play around with it for my Christmas card design, too.





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